UFO in Respiratory Medicine: Unclassifying the mystery of "rare" lung disease

UFO ("unidentified flying objects") have been witnessed by increasing number of people from all walks of life for hundreds of years, and more likely, for even longer period than the documented history would reveal for our human civilisation. Whether or not we are surrounded by advanced alien civilisation we will not cover in this short essay, however the Physicians encounter the UFOs of our bodily origins more than ever before. Like the real UFOs, we cannot always chase them for a precise diagnosis but left to wonder what it could be for up to several decades. For those who are fortunate or must have surgical intervention then the UFOs are no longer a mystery but added to another section i

Tips for "self-care" for people with lung diseases: Observations of a Practice Manager

The below tips for self-care when you have lung condition are based on observation of more than 8,000 patients over the last 12 years and not to replace medical advice but are a “common sense” approach as they work very well with medical treatment. People with lung conditions have a slower or lesser capacity to recover, so there’s a greater need to take care of the body. The simplest things we do can have a lot of impact. Firstly, keep your body warm, especially your lungs and kidneys. You will be surprised of so many people who are visibly trembling in cold when the warmth of our body can do so much to support the healing process. Warm blankets, layering of clothing, warm jackets, socks and

Introducing Lungs as a bodily organ of function

Knowing that every human being is different in external appearance, emotion and behaviour, the lung is an amazing organ because it is intrinsically the same in a typical human being. Accordingly, each and every single individualisation created within a human being is united by the miracles of every breath. “Caring for lungs whether diseased or not is about caring for the divine miracles”. It is therefore important to understand the miracles that sustain our breath and lungs. As imperfect as it may seem in physical creation, the human body is an amazing instrument of divine creation like all living things on earth due to the very particle that is equally abundant in the universe. Amazing fa

Medicine, Philosophy, Science and God: All are One

Why would anyone, let alone a health professional talk about Philosophy, Science and/or God while practising conventional Medicine? If you've wondered about this possibility then it is very obvious that we are meant to live in a secular environment where nothing else matters apart from what we need to live from day to day with the chores and tasks we are only meant do do. The very thing we forget to remind ourselves is that it only takes a few seconds to gaze upon our night sky to realise that the sheer expanse of the universe is forever surrounding our entire humanity. Irrespective of where you live on the planet Earth, or above it like the astronauts, the billions (or more precisely, tri

The notion of "Universal" in Medicine: Understanding the impact of the unknown outplay on

Given the sensitive nature of what truly ‘Healing’ and ‘Universal Medicine’ means for every person in 2018, I felt to share a consistent observation of my own experience in Medicine. Neither advocating or negating a version of Medicine or the other, the chosen title actually stands for the grandness of what Medicine is for the universal health of all people beyond their chosen profession, religious affiliations, political borders and cultural beliefs. Once known as the Art of the God(s), Medicine viewed through a detailed study of our human history reveals that it is forever about people. Countless healers and physicians have walked the rich fabric of our human civilisaton which spans over

Choosing AND eating truly nurturing foods for healthy lungs

Nutrition (L. nutrire = to nourish, to feed) is pivotally important in prevention and treatment of lung disease. Beyond maintaining health and vitality, nutrition is pivotally important in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of lung disease. After all, it represents fuel for our body to be nourished or depleted depending on how, what and when we eat. Obviously, there is no single food that ‘cures’ lung disease or even expands the lung to the next phase of vitality. There are many trained experts and practical 'masters' of nutrition who will have a greater wealth of knowledge than we have detailed in our website. Food is an exquisitely sensitive issue, and how we eat is intimately

Medicine is all about the group-work of Healing: the core ingredient being Love

Although I've trained and work as a Physician, I am also privileged to work alongside superb Surgeons and Proceduralists. We all share a common theme beyond the different gender, race and cultural upbringing in that we have all committed to the care of another human being. Obviously, there are increasing elements of restrictions and impositions to guide our role as health professionals but we have all come to accept that greater responsibility asks for greater understanding. Of the corruptions of lies and collusions that pervade every aspect of our modern civilisation, the collective evil of these corruptions cannot deny the love and dedication of a clinician. Despite the criticisms hurle

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