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Pulmonary Care

Pulmonary Care Treats All Things Related to The Lungs


Pulmonary care is the umbrella term used to describe any treatment related to the respiratory system. Respiratory care generally describes care of the lungs. The respiratory system, however, is dependent upon the circulatory system as well as systems such as the brain and endocrine systems. In general, pulmonary care will address both the lungs and the heart, while some physicians take it further and also treat psychological health because it is deemed essential to have all three systems healthy and functioning for the greatest outcome of the respiratory care.


First, think about your heart. It carries the oxygen from your lungs throughout your body by way of blood vessels. If these blood vessels are clogged or not functioning in some way, the oxygen can't get to your heart, and can't be sent to other organs. You need to have a healthy heart in order for the oxygen taken into the lungs to do any good. You also need to have healthy lungs in order to take in needed oxygen to pass to the heart. Pulmonary care must include both.


Psychologically, you need to have a gentle, loving and healthy outlook for the rest of the system to work. Yes, even the hardest of men and women can be gentle in their own ways that is felt gentle by another if their behaviour and expression do not cause abrasive imposition on the body or through relationships. All people can be loving when there is a genuine care and concern for the well-being of others. Healthy outlook is simply about eating, sleeping and living every-day life in a way of livingness that does not harm the body and allows the body to recover to its natural beauty and vitality. Much like quicksand, if you are struggling, you find yourself getting deeper in much but when you relax, you can find your way free. The flow of energy from your body and mind must be free in order to allow oxygen and blood to flow freely. In this way, all three systems work as one. 


Beyond the physical, the human being is an energetic being as much as a physical being in He or She representation.  The purpose of Medicine is to ensure the whole being is deeply cared for through the understanding of how the bodily systems inter-relate and work together in a complex world of multi-billion people.

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