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Lung Disease Treatment

Lung Care is A Combination of Things


In most traditional settings, lung disease treatment involves taking medications and using breathing machines. Lung care, however, involves much more. Your body works like a multi-part machine and each part relies on every other part in order to function correctly. When one part is not working as it should, it causes stresses on the other parts and eventually they become ineffective. With your lungs and your heart, this is even more true because the oxygen from your lungs travels throughout every cell in your body, as does the blood in your heart. The heart and lungs, in turn, are directly connected as one can't function at its best without the other.


Lung disease treatment needs to take this co-dependency and inter-dependency into account. Lung care involves medication, but it also involves eating a diet that offers the most nutritional value to your body. It involves activity that optimises your heart health so your heart can help compensate for the lesser functioning of your lungs without becoming overly burdened. It also involves brain health. This includes your psychological and emotional well-being.


Your heart knows the truth of your body as it feels everything from pulse to pulse, and moment to moment.  Your mind is a powerful thing yet we can never give power away to the mind alone. If you allow things like despair, depression, frustration, or anger to rule, this sends negative messages throughout your body. Your body becomes tense, functions slow down, the blood becomes sluggish, and you feel an overall general dis-ease. When your mind is aligned to the truth felt within your heart, you are allowing your mind to send messages to the rest of your body that all is well, or at least it will be. This allows your body to continue working without restraint. It behaves in a manner that all is indeed well. True lung disease treatment requires complete body and mind treatment.  Knowing how to connect and align to the responsivity of your heart to the world and how your body works helps the mind, and in turn, the healing of your body.

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