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Sleep Medicine

Sleep Health is a Vital Part of Overall Health


Our bodies need restful sleep in order to be healthy. Sleep health will determine whether or not your body has a chance to fully heal from the stress put on it throughout the day. When you seek medical help, the doctor will often ask you about how you sleep. You may find this strange if you are seeking help for something that you don't figure involves sleep, but the truth is that if you aren't sleeping well, your body cannot heal.


Sleep medicine has found that there are different sleep disorders that those who suffer from them have no idea there is a problem. Obstructive sleep apnea is the most noticeable one. With this, you stop breathing several times during the night. Your body will then wake to help you catch your breath. Some people wake up entirely, coughing and finding themselves short of breath. Others will only partially wake up and may not remember it the next morning, yet the interruption in the sleep cycle still has a poor effect on your body. If a sleep disorder is suspected by your doctor, you may be asked to visit a sleep medicine clinic for an overnight study.


Sleep health is important for all healing but is especially important with regard to your breathing, heart, bodily hormones and immune system. For each time you stop breathing, even for a few seconds, it puts a strain on all of these systems, which are the major organs that keep your body healthy. Other sleep issues that your doctor must know about include regular night terrors, insomnia, and having a tendency to fall asleep without notice, which could indicate narcolepsy.

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