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Medicine, Philosophy, Science and God: All are One

Why would anyone, let alone a health professional talk about Philosophy, Science and/or God while practising conventional Medicine? If you've wondered about this possibility then it is very obvious that we are meant to live in a secular environment where nothing else matters apart from what we need to live from day to day with the chores and tasks we are only meant do do.

The very thing we forget to remind ourselves is that it only takes a few seconds to gaze upon our night sky to realise that the sheer expanse of the universe is forever surrounding our entire humanity. Irrespective of where you live on the planet Earth, or above it like the astronauts, the billions (or more precisely, trillions) of stars emanate their stupendous light amongst the vastness of space.

What constitutes the stars and galaxies are also the very components of what makes us human. The Laws of Physics govern the microcosmic and the macrocosmic, therefore the patterns of illness and disease that we see in our world can be eventually explained by our collective understanding of how the universe is co-created and regenerated over trillions of years.

It is no wonder the exponential advances in Medicine have aligned and correlated with the quantum leaps in Physics and Philosophy. Herein, Philosophy is none other than the ever deepening wisdom of observing the nature of our universe with wide open eyes, open mind and open heart. Through Philosophy, we begin to understand the divine wisdom of God which is beyond any earthly religions.

At the moment of dire crises or near the time of death, the spirit calls for the divine will. Whether one is a believer of God or not, one is forever a believer of the One that is far greater than the human being. If our modern Medicine can offer so much more, then the future of Medicine can be far more. It is very foreseeable that Medicine will continue to advance so that every human being will eventually be free of physical disease, and continue his or her path of healing that cannot be yet explainable by the current scientific understanding.

There are ancient relics and civilisations that we cannot yet fully explain their purpose. Philosophical thinking of the antiquities have moulded countless civilisations. Many brilliant men and women have so far walked this planet. Advances in knowledge and technical skills are built on top of another dating back 30,000 years and more. So-called our modern Medicine is less than 400 years old at the most, if we are to take into account of the scientific revolution since the era of Renaissance.

When one is challenged with serious illness and/or disease, at least consider taking a moment of stillness and ponder on the possibility of the majestic presence of the divine will for the body. Every particle that makes up the human body was and is also part of the universe. If the ultimate Law of Physics is Love of God, it is forever intertwined in the fabric of our humanity, thus we are eternally supported in our courage and consistency in the return journey to a greater Livingness of love and truth. From this platform of love, the whole body is loved and cared for.

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