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UFO in Respiratory Medicine: Unclassifying the mystery of "rare" lung disease

UFO ("unidentified flying objects") have been witnessed by increasing number of people from all walks of life for hundreds of years, and more likely, for even longer period than the documented history would reveal for our human civilisation. Whether or not we are surrounded by advanced alien civilisation we will not cover in this short essay, however the Physicians encounter the UFOs of our bodily origins more than ever before.

Like the real UFOs, we cannot always chase them for a precise diagnosis but left to wonder what it could be for up to several decades. For those who are fortunate or must have surgical intervention then the UFOs are no longer a mystery but added to another section in a Respiratory Pathology textbook for the future students of Medicine (and Law) to see, learn and master.

Like the holy 'halo' of light, the above scan shows a CT scan picture of a person without significant symptoms ("asymptomatic") with two obvious lesions within the right lung. Beyond why the person underwent the scan in the first place, the dilemma arises due to the advances in our medical technology in the past hundred years especially.

Nowadays, we can visualise the bodily organs with remarkable accuracy while the scientific advances will continue until we are able to visualise the molecular and physiological function of the internal organs we are trying to image of its structure and anatomy. So-called "virtual dissection", such integrated functional and structural imaging will further transform Medicine to offer early prevention and more dedicated surgical treatment for diseases which we could not otherwise address through the traditional method.

So, what if we could visualise the nature of the body's UFOs without the definitive pathology of a resected surgical sample? What if the conventional wisdom and the calculated didactic thought process of an astute Physician is integrated with a greater level of intelligence that is only possible through the higher intuition of deepened level of awareness and consciousness?

Having trained (and still training) in several different universities and different disciplines of Medicine, Science, Public Health, Business and Law, all of our human disciplines come in fragmented packages of factual knowledge that can be learnt while the profound discovery of our human Sciences have all originated from a series of breakthrough revolution away from the mainstream human consciousness within any specific discipline.

Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Max Planck's Theory of Quantum Physics, Nicholas Copernicus model of heliocentric solar system, Leonardo Da Vinci's multi-disciplinary discovery of inventions etc all point towards the immense capacity of higher intelligence we as humans can access when there is an undeniable impulse for universal human advancement, i.e. evolution.

Therefore, it is very possible that the definition of UFOs within the human body could be simplified by a deepened awareness of how the patient's body operate while the meticulous diagnostic process is being implemented. While it is impractical to biopsy every single lesion of UFOs in the human body, logical reasoning and intuition play the critical part in the Art of Medicine.

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