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In response to ABC media article

Wednesday 2 May 2018

To whom it may concern,

This is in reply to the ABC article published by Mr. Josh Robertson this morning.

The publicised suggestion that I have secretly disclosed confidential patient information in 2010 is false and defamatory. The letter sent to the patient’s General Practitioners expressly said it was sent on the basis that the patient was already seeing Mr. Benhayon at the time.

It is inaccurate to conclude there was a privacy breach as the informing his General Practitioner and Mr. Benhayon was part of the discussion and information for his benefit as well as his General Practitioner. While there was no written consent, the discussion was implied and recorded in my consultation letter.

Given the concern for conflict of interest in my practice of Medicine, I am not a financial owner, shareholder or have any financial interest in Universal Medicine. I am a paying student along with many others of all walks of life. Although I have been asked as a honorary advisor for the College of Universal Medicine, this role does not have any financial interest and I do not involved in its operational activities.

Despite the suggestion of breaching the referral process in Medicine, I also do not engage in referrals to complementary practitioners. While I am unable to discuss the nature of a previous complaint involving a patient, the notion of unwarranted referral is false and defamatory.

To my knowledge and experience, Universal Medicine is not a ‘cult’. It is a reputable healing organisation with integrity and code of conduct that is well respected by the practitioners and clients. While I have been asked to ‘distance’ myself from Universal Medicine, I am a member and fellow of many different professional and vocational organisations which all contribute to maintaining my standard of excellence in Medicine.

If there are any queries, please feel free to contact me at the office on (07) 3839 1863.

Yours truly,

Written and approved by S. Kim as of 02.05.2018


Samuel Kim MBBS (UQ) FRACP MPH MBA MMed (USyd)

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