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Medicine is all about the group-work of Healing: the core ingredient being Love

Although I've trained and work as a Physician, I am also privileged to work alongside superb Surgeons and Proceduralists. We all share a common theme beyond the different gender, race and cultural upbringing in that we have all committed to the care of another human being. Obviously, there are increasing elements of restrictions and impositions to guide our role as health professionals but we have all come to accept that greater responsibility asks for greater understanding.

Of the corruptions of lies and collusions that pervade every aspect of our modern civilisation, the collective evil of these corruptions cannot deny the love and dedication of a clinician. Despite the criticisms hurled at such man or woman, I would ask if the rest of the society is so perfect that compassion cannot be offered for the caregiver of the ill. Every person can heal, and has the potential to heal given the opportunity. "Healing" herein is defined under the encompassing umbrella of love and compassion so that what is not true can be discarded and integrity of truth restored. 'Perfection' was never the realm of humanity while the corruptions magnify a less than the 1% of the imperfections of a human being.

Given the complexity of illnesses and diseases which continue to disseminate throughout our planet, we as the human race is the unhealthiest of all living things. Even as a open-minded thinking clinician, I cannot recall of any other mammals or insects that continue to develop new disease entities and require increasing array of complex pharmacology to sustain its survival. Through this complexity requires a multi-disciplinary group work of clinicians from all background of training and skills to help restore one's health. Therefore, Medicine is not feasible without the harmonious collaboration of men and women in Medicine.

It is no wonder that a clinician should never be held above or below another person in a health care system. True leadership is showing the group of the collective purpose in achieving the best outcome for an ill person. Often, the leadership is leading by example through movement, spoken words and writings. It can interchange from time to time while no-one should ever "own" the ill person for one's self-gain and self-interest. True transparency is actually derived from Love rather than thousands of words that says a little behind the concealed smile of dishonesty.

As a Physician, I am yet to see a human body that is healthy when there is no transparency, no honesty and no responsibility to being more loving to the body. For example, neglecting the body and the lungs to be chilled in cold weather, eating the wrong food for the body or being angry and resentful about the world will not help the body to recover. Beyond the marvels of Medicine and truly understanding that living a human life is a difficult challenge for the vulnerable and the ill, it is a Physician's ultimate responsibility to show by example of a greater love a person can be.

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